Gezocht: Hongaarse artiesten en kunstenaars in Nederland

Vrijdag 31 juli 2015 - De Hongaarse ambassade in Den Haag is haar databases aan het actualiseren en bezig om toekomstige culturele evenementen op te zetten. Daarom is de ambassade op zoek naar Hongaarse artiesten en kunstenaars in Nederland en ook naar hen die niet Hongaars zijn, maar wel een grote affiniteit hebben met de Hongaarse cultuur.

Call for Hungarian Artists and Performers of Hungarian Art in the Netherlands!

Now that the summer season is here, the Hungarian Embassy in the Netherlands is updating its databases and planning future cultural events– and for that we might just be looking for YOU!

Are you of Hungarian descent or do you have an affinity with Hungarian culture, and are living in the Netherlands? Are you a visual artist, a dance performer or a musical talent?

One part of the daily work of the Embassy is to organize, co-host and participate at events that are either centred around art or are in need of artistic support. Therein, we would like to involve as many artists as possible, showcasing a broad variety of disciplines.

The Embassy of Hungary is thus looking for:

• professional painters and illustrators;
• movie makers and photographers;
• dancers and dance groups;
• actors and theatre groups;
• musicians, singers and bands;

If you find yourself in the above categories or anywhere in between, and would be interested to collaborate with the Hungarian Embassy on a project basis, please let us know by sending us a link, pictures or a video of your work, as well as your contact data. Please note that your submissions will be kept strictly for internal use and will not be published without your consent.

Please, kindly inform the Embassy regarding your interest by contacting:
Please, do not hesitate to contact the Embassy in case you have any further questions.

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